Max Abmas Launches Official Site

August 15, 2023

Athlete Studio

Texas Longhorns Guard, Max Abmas, recently announced the unveiling of his e-commerce store in partnership with Athlete Studio. The platform, accessible at, presents a diverse array of merchandise and apparel meticulously designed for his fans and supporters. The collection encompasses a wide selection of products, ranging from hats and t-shirts to sweatshirts, all showcasing Max Abmas's distinctive personal branding and athletic talent.

Abmas has collaborated closely with the Athlete Studio team to develop some truly special designs that are certain to resonate with fans of all ages. Playing a role in the development of his site, Abmas has added some authentic personality to his shop with his own personal logo, slogan and collage merch.

As Abmas continues to grow on and off the court, the launch of his very own e-commerce store delivers exciting news not only to Texas Longhorns fans but also to admirers of his emerging talent. With a range of distinctive designs available, there's a perfect match for everyone in his shop. Therefore, if you're a dedicated supporter of the Texas Longhorns seeking a stylish way to express your allegiance, make sure to explore today!

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